Upload Your Data

Upload Your Data

Developing a database for individual-based genotyped and georeferenced data

A primary goal of DIPnet is to develop a web-based database and infrastructures to aid collaboration and the cross-dissemination of published data. Although Genbank has been an important repository of sequence data, it does not enforce important aspects for population analyses – namely individual genotypes and precise sampling locations and there is no central repository nor set standards for such population genetic data and associated metadata. Here we have constructed a repository to store two types of data

  1. previously  published mtDNA data and the associated metadata
  2. metadata associated with next-generation sequence data
    • In the process of uploading the metadata for your  next-generation sequence data we create three files for you 1) the SRA metadata file and 2) the BioSample datasheet and 3) a set of instructions for uploading your data to Genbank’s Short Read Archive (SRA) database.
    • Alternately, you can use our dedicated portal to upload your genomic data (in FASTQ format) directly to the SRA!
    • In either case, GEOME will create permanent links between the metadata stored on GEOME and the genomic data stored on the SRA.

If you have data to contribute to the database or would like to create a metadata file template go here  and select “Diversity of the Indo-Pacific Network” for further instructions.

*Note we are not currently accepting microsatellite datasets


Photo: Tane-Sinclair-Taylor