About DIPnet

About DIPnet

Founded in 2012 the Diversity of the Indo-Pacific Network (DIPnet) was created to advance genetic diversity research in the Indo-Pacific by aggregating population genetic metadata into a searchable database (GeOME). Our primary aim to promote collaboration and advocate best practices for conducting biodiversity research.

DIPnet Accomplishments

Figure created by Elizabeth Sbrocco and Libby Liggins
  • Membership

    >65 scientists from around the globe have agreed to abide by community guidelines and joined the network.

  • FIMS Development

    In 2016 The Genomic Observatory Metadatabase (GeOMe Database) Field Information Management System (FIMS) was completed. This is an RDF-based system that employs Darwin Core and MIxS vocabularies for metadata associated with a variety of genetic data types, and is the bioinformatics software for the Genomic Observatories Project.

  • DIPnet database is growing

     > 36,000 mtDNA sequences from >230 species and >1,500 sampling sites have been accessioned. We are now accepting fastq files and have built a platform that makes uploading next-generation sequence to the NCBI Short Read Archive (SRA) easy!

  • Special Issue Publication

    21 peer reviewed and open access articles published in 2014 in a special issue of Bulletin of Marine Science : Molecular Ecology and Evolution of the tropical Pacific and Indian oceans.

  • DIPnet Funded

    Research Coordination Network proposal funded by the US National Science Foundation (2015-2019)!